Building the Best Party Wall

A party wall is a shared wall between two residences, and the phrase party wall is most commonly used when talking about the wall between two duplex units. Party walls are also sometimes referred to as common walls or parting walls. One of the main concerns for new home buyers looking at duplexes is the party wall. Prospective buyers ask questions like “will I be able to hear everything my neighbour says (and vice versa)?”, “will there be scent transfer between units?”, and “is there such a thing as privacy when you own a duplex?”. Having a shared wall can be a daunting feature of a duplex, but it doesn’t have to be! With Cami Comfort Homes, we build the best party wall in the business — ensuring that your neighbours can mind their own!

What Makes a Cami Comfort Party Wall Special

Cami Comfort duplexes are made to feel completely autonomous from each other. We use the best materials available to create a party wall with safety, noise transfer, and durability in mind. Our party walls are designed to reduce the feeling of being in a duplex.

Air Gap

Cami Comfort Homes provides a one inch air gap between units in the centre of the party wall. Very few builders do this, but this simple step of adding a one inch air gap provides a lot of protection against sound, smells, and movement coming from the other unit.


Cami Comfort party walls use two layers of Roxul safe & sound insulation. This is some of the quietest insulation available on the market. Each duplex gets its own layer of insulation, and this insulation is both fire resistant and has some of the best sound muffling capabilities available.

Layer of Poly

The final step of our party wall construction that sets Cami Comfort apart from every other builder is that we poly the party wall. We layer the entire wall with 6 millimeter vapour barrier poly which we then seal on all sides, double sealing at the corners. This ensures that the vapour barrier does not move and provides additional protection between units. The poly stops any and all smells coming from the other unit and will also protect your duplex from water damage.


Cami Comfort duplexes have a double drywalled party wall on both sides. Each side of the party wall has a  ⅝” piece of fire rated drywall across the entire shared wall as well as a ½” piece of drywall on top. This means added safety and protection in the case of fire as well as reduced noise transfer between units.

Why You Need a Better Party Wall

There are plenty of advantages to living in a duplex. Duplex homes offer all the perks of a single family home at a much lower price point. The only disadvantage to duplex homes is the knowledge that you share a wall with a neighbour, and this can be stressful if you’re worried about sound, movement, damage, or smell being transmitted through the wall.

The Cami Comfort party wall takes away all those worries. Our party wall ensures that a limited amount of sound or scent is transmitted between units. We do everything in our power to make our duplexes feel autonomous. When you’re in a Cami Comfort duplex, feel secure that you’re not disrupting your neighbours and they won’t disrupt you. If you’re interested in a brand new duplex home but have some concerns about a shared wall, talk to Cami Comfort! We’d love to alleviate any worries you may have about a party wall.

Cami Comfort Homes has been building gorgeous duplex homes in Riverside, St. Albert for years, and with decades of experience in the home building industry, you’re sure to find your dream home with Cami Comfort. Send us an email or give us a call at (587) 816-4357 to visit one of our show homes and learn more about building your dream duplex in Riverside!

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