EnerGuide is the national energy efficiency rating system for Canada. You have likely seen EnerGuide ratings on new fridges or stoves, but there is also an EnerGuide rating system for your homes itself. An EnerGuide rating for your home tells you how much energy your home is using in a year. The higher the number, the less efficient your home is. 

What is an EnerGuide Rated Builder?

An Energuide rated builder is a home builder who builds homes with the specifications put out by EnerGuide to guarantee the best EnerGuide rating possible. A home’s rating is measured in Gigajoules (GJ) per year, and the lower the rating the better as that means your home is consuming less energy. 


Cami Comfort Homes is recognized by the Government of Canada as an EnerGuide rated builder, which means every one of our homes receives an EnerGuide rating that helps save you money as well as helps save the environment! 

What is Included in an Energuide Rated Home?

Energy efficient homes vary from house to house, and an EnerGuide rating is specific to the energy efficient upgrades provided to the home. The more energy efficient upgrades, the lower your rating! At Cami Comfort Homes, our specs include an upgrade to almost every part of your home to ensure you have the best EnerGuide rating possible! Here are just some of the energy efficient features that are included in our Riverside specifications:

  • LED pot lights in kitchen 
  • Superior common wall system 
  • Energy Star Rated TRIPLE PANE LOW E windows 
  • High efficiency furnace- 96% 
  • Ecobee programmable thermostat
  • Energy recovery system – HRV
  • High efficiency tankless- hot water on demand 
  • Energy Efficient LED Lighting
  • Low flow plumbing fixtures
  • Envelope Seal on all windows and doors
  • EnerGuide report and label 
  • Insulation above building code

Why You Need an Energy Efficient Home

Energy efficient homes are not only good for the environment, they’re good for your wallet! Energy efficient homes can lower the cost of heating your home by over 50%! That’s a huge amount of savings, and it also means that all that natural gas isn’t being needlessly used. Another great benefit to an energy efficient home is the general comfort within. Because you don’t have as many drafts or areas where heat can escape, your home will feel the same temperature throughout and avoid those cold spots. Your home will feel cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter time. If there’s ever an energy blackout, your home will hold onto the heat (or air conditioning) a lot better, keeping you more comfortable in the event of an energy issue or disaster, 

Energy efficient homes are not just about heating and cooling. They also keep your air quality better and reduce humidity, meaning there’s less risk of mould or water damage as with an energy efficient home, the outside weather stays outside!

Why Trust Cami Comfort Homes?

Cami Comfort Homes has been building energy efficient homes above the required grade since its inception. We work hard to make sure our homes are the highest quality available, and that means we install a lot of energy efficient upgrades as part of our specs! We’re a proud EnerGuide Rated Builder. All Cami Comfort Homes come with an EnerGuide rating well above building requirements. Our homes have an average rating of 15 to 25%! If you’re looking for a gorgeous new home that will save you money on heating and cooling, is environmentally friendly, and comes with a fantastic EnerGuide rating, trust Cami Comfort Homes to get the job done!

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